Awakening to Awareness Training

Not: This training is 3 days



We start from ourselves to change our world.

So how much do we know ourselves?

Are we aware of our potential?

What do we run away from the most?

Who is to blame?

Why is our understanding of Islam so limited?



And let's put our soul and body on the table about our many questions.

Although we do not want to limit the training content to titles, let's write for a short information.


  • What is the subconscious and how does it work?
  • How to discover our basic coding
  • How to work on it?
  • What is the connection between our chakras and their exquisite ranks?
  • What is the wisdom of these ranks and how is it balanced?
  • What is the Aura, the Light, the Etheric body? What does it serve?
  • What is spiritual and physical, material and spiritual purification? How?
  • What is a breath chant? How?
  • What is a nexus? How? What does it serve?
  • How should we live the Islamic point of view?
  • What is experiencing the breeze?
  • And many more topics..

The training will be held live online over the internet. There is a requirement for instant participation. It will remain registered for a certain period of time. It will be applied and 2 courses will be in the form of 1 repetition.

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